The MaNiAc'S Killer Close-up Pad Endorsements

"Dollar for dollar you would be hard pressed to find a more useful prop."

- David Regal (Professional magician, writer, inventor, and author of numerous magic books and videos)

"I like everything about this pad. You can say anything you want, and I'll back it up."

- Whit Haydn (Author, lecturer, and award winning magician)

"This is a great f*^king pad!"

- Steve Valentine (Close-up Magician of the Year- Magic Castle)

" Stylish, well made, and great to work on! A beautiful piece of equipment."

- John George (International Champion Award Winning Magician)

"This pad frames my close-up show like no other pad can."
"Also now I can tell everyone to come over to my pad, with confidence!"

- T.C.Tahoe (Parlor and Close-up Magician of the Year- Magic Castle)

"One of the classiest close-up pads I've ever seen. Beautiful workmanship."

- Loren Christopher Michaels (Award Winning Magician)

"Your pad makes me look like a pro!!"

- Dr. Gary Frieden (Magician and Castle Member)

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